Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Our First Event: Christmas Giveaway to the poor households.

Before we start, we will like to give our thanks to everyone who made this event happen :

Keith, Eugene, Jun Fa, Khloe and Sin Hui, had contributed a total of $135.
Sin Hui made a simple Christmas card to give to them.
Eugene,Keith, Jasmine and Tracy who came and helped out.

On 25th December,where everyone was celebrating Christmas or staying at home to enjoy the public holiday, 4 of us [Eugene,Keith Yeo,Jasmine and Tracy]  met up in the morning, and went to buy some stuffs, which we can give to 80 households in a  Masiling Block.

Here are the photos of how things went :

  *We went to value shop and NTUC to buy the stuffs.*


* Summary of what we had brought with the budget we had*

*Tracy taking a photo with what we had brought*  


*Jasmine taking a photo with we had brought*

*Here are the 4 of us[From Left to right: Tracy, Eugene, Keith,Jasmine.*
*We started packing into 80 small carriers*

*What's inside in every carrier to each household.*

*After packing for about 1 hour, we are finally done packing*

* Tracy is ready to become a Santarina. Ho Ho Ho*

*And off we go.*

*Tracy giving the Christmas gift to the elderly*

*4 of us giving away the Christmas gift to every household we could possibly give.*

 And we finally finished giving away about 3.30pm. Even though it was tired,it was still worth it. Hope they will enjoy the simple gift,that we gave them. :)

And we shall end with a recount from Keith, who certainly had enjoyed this event,"A day well spent during Christmas! Christmas is not about just receiving, but instead giving and sharing our love to others!" Well said !!  

Here are the receipts proof :

      Total Spending : $74.20+ $3.45+$29.25+$29.25=$136.15.



  1. Well done Sin Hui, Keith, Jasmine, Tracy and Eugene ( SLC Alumni) for this thought of kindness and the conviction to act on it!

  2. Hi Sharonne! thanks you so much! we currently facing some problems, we hope to see you soon!=)